Teaching Practice – Part VIII: Seventh and “last” lecture

The seventh lecture was being held on 11th of April and it was about standards and design practices. The lecture was also my last lecture, although I will be monitoring students’ group presentations which will be held on this week’s Friday.

The lecture was done in two parts. The first part of the lecture was regular classroom teaching about design standards, design languages and design elements. During the part two, the students had to try create a Canva-poster about a company’s design language or a design element. The actual key point of the lecture was to evaluate and discuss about the Canva as a tool, and also to make them to create something out of scratch. In the very end, when the students started to assess the accessibility of the Canva, it was wonderful to see how they began to think about it’s User Experience after “forcing” themselves to begin doing something, which they had no previous experience about. But really rewarding lecture, and I personally enjoyed it a lot. After the lesson I also asked them to kindly answer my evaluation-form I did to Google-drive. I already got two responses, and it seems that maybe it didn’t actually go as bad as I thought after the first catastrophic lecture…


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