Teaching Practice: Part 6 – fifth lesson

For the fifth lesson the overall topic was prototyping. The lesson consisted of brief group work and general-level topic teaching by powerpoint. For the topic, it was possible to find number of relevant examples from different business areas, such as phone prototyping, prototypes of cars, and so on. There was also one example of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, that the inventor of such “bagless” vacuum cleaners made more than 5000 prototypes during five years of developing the product.

But in a way, the topic was very suitable for creating discussion and it seems, that people were interested about it, and also they made the group work (of presenting early prototypes of products) easily and great but brief presentations were kept. After-task consisted of discussion about prototyping as a whole and kind of wrapped the topic up.  Better lecture than last time and the power of group discussion is totally underrated.


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