Teaching Practice – Part Two: First Lecture

Today was the day of the first teaching session. It was quite bad (to say the least). I thought I was prepared, but I was totally wrong – I wasn’t prepared at all. The 20+ group of young students are totally different with their studies and motivation when comparing to adult students such as EduLAB group mates. I tried to use Padlet for gaining information about product characteristics, but quite soon the Padlet was filled with images of Donald Trump, memes, and irrelevant notes. Disaster.

After a while we managed to have at least some conversation about product features, and then we had a discussion about how well the Padlet worked in that precise environment. But then it actually went quite smoothly towards the end of the session, but it was horrible feeling to notice that something you’ve been preparing and hoping to be used in the lecture turned out to be total failure, and try to be there without any backup plan and there’s still around an hour of total time to go.

But after the lecture I had a talk with my supervisor and we actually came up with few ideas how it would’ve worked, such as if I had been the only one to add the notes to Padlet, or if I had shown the task on the video projector instead of talking about them. But nonetheless, it was really (I mean REALLY) quite an experience and I feel that it taught me quite important lessons: be _prepared_ and have a plan B if plan A backfires.

Siberia teaches


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