Teaching Practice – Part One: Observation


For my teacher studies, I chose to do the “actual” teaching practice in the real school environment. The school I’m doing my teaching practice is the School of Business and Information Management, and the course is User-Oriented Design which is being held for first-year Business Information Technology students (most of the students are in the photo above).

The setting for the teacher practice is actually quite interesting, due to the fact that I studied the same degree nearly 10 years ago. For the teacher practice I visited one lecture few weeks ago for observing purposes, which was really nice (and strange in the beginning) to walk to the same lecture room where I also attended back in -07. The lecture was the last lecture of 5 ECTS-credit Introduction to Programming-course, and the course itself comprised programming exercises, personal assignment and two computer exams.

The teaching itself is being conducted in a similar way than 8 years ago, which means that the students have to find solutions to the given programming problems using knowledge base from a website supporting the programming tasks (MSDN in this case) and the teacher helps students individually when needed. During my teacher studies, there have been introduced a number of teaching approaches and methodologies, but in this case (teaching programming for students) perhaps the currently used methods are still perfectly valid. Naturally there are students from different backgrounds, hence varying levels of programming proficiency, which makes programming a challenging topic to teach.



One thought on “Teaching Practice – Part One: Observation

  1. Great & interesting post Matti! 🙂 You write that the same methods are still being used and for you the methods still seem valid. But, can or should the methods be improved? How?


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