VOC 12 – entrepreneurship

For this VOC theme 12 we were supposed to create a video about how to promote entrepreneurial values, so my example video can be seen here

As a second part of the assignment we had to contemplate how to promote entrepreneurship in my field of profession. I guess in the telecommunication field, the entrepreneurial values play big role in terms of creativity, and innovating new tools and business areas for e.g. wireless communications, such as Taneli Riihonen’s highly awarded dissertation about wireless networks’ data transfer capacity. Hence, for my personal viewpoint, it seems that creativity and entrepreneurship goes pretty much hand-in-hand, also mentioned by Randall Pinkett’s TEDx -video.

The telecommunication area is highly competed, and there seems to be many unwritten rules, such as cities and municipalities purchase their telecommunication deals always from big operators. But sometimes it isn’t so, as my employer recently won the bidding competition of all broadband-network connections for City of Oulu, as can be read here. So those aforementioned unwritten rules have to be challenged in a way to understand how they can be prevailed and therefore making new business opportunities.

In the videos, which my classmates made for the assignment, there were mentioned a number of personal characteristics which can be seen as entrepreneurial values, such as:

  • honesty
  • leadership
  • endurance
  • flexibility
  • personal growth

and I totally agree to those (such as Iikka’s video about healthcare and taking a role of the patient, and Eeva’s example about how to teach creativity) but nonetheless, it is totally up to the employing organization whether they will understand or nurture the benefits of having entrepreneurial employee. Sometimes experiences from other business fields may result in new viewpoints, and also understanding the nature of the industry, and in a nutshell, that’s one of the reasons why I began studying these teacher studies in the first place.


One thought on “VOC 12 – entrepreneurship

  1. Thanks Matti for a very thorough video and clear Telecommunication examples on your blogpost. You have really done lots of prestudy for this topic and found good sources and examples. I think it is unfortunately true to some point that like you wrote, it is up to the employing organization whether they will nurture the benefits of having entrepreneurial employee. But I think many organisations also look for those characteristics when hiring, so teaching those entrepreneurship values will benefit the individuals even though it does not lead to starting up a business. I like your idea that experiences from other business fields can give new viewpoints and hence promote creativity and entrepreneurship thinking and that you mention EduLab programme doing this also, because I have very similar experience of this. Lots of new viewpoints.


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