VOC 11 – Global and Multicultural Activities

Here’s my poster for VOC 11. First post of this year, and also first experience of using Canva for creating a poster. I found the original topic bit misleading in a way, so I had to modify it a bit but hopefully it doesn’t matter.


As a second part of the assignment, I was supposed to give a feedback about Mari’s poster, which can be found here.

Mari’s topic was “How to create suitable conditions for learning with a multicultural student group?” and Mari pinpointed examples as follows:

  • It requires attitude, knowledge and skills
  • Teacher has to know the learning processes
  • Equality, fairness, same playrules for all
  • Teacher should use creativity, sometimes some extra effort and have cultural knowledge, diligence, courage
  • Teacher should know and understand her/his own culture and her/his own cultural background
  • discussion, communication, openness, critical thinking

In terms of feedback, perhaps there was little bit of repetition with the found issues, and maybe the poster could be more graphical, but with the topic it’s quite close to what I would have been taken into my own poster of that topic as well. The cultural issues can sometimes be quite sensitive issues to handle, so of course it helps to have much information about concerning issues, and understanding cultural differences is very important skill for a teacher. Hence, the attitude, knowledge and skills.

Process-centric thinking helps also understanding students’ own learning thus being able to adjust the teaching accordingly. It’s also essential to have the equality among the students, and the openness and interaction with the students helps in building the trust and discussion.



3 thoughts on “VOC 11 – Global and Multicultural Activities

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  2. Hey Matti! My sincere apologies for the late evaluation, but here it comes: First of all, great work! I hope you would have elaborated a bit more on why you found the original topic misleading
    Your poster is both graphic and informative, which was the purpose anyway. You had also found a pair, which was part of the assignment. The reason we wanted you to make a poster, was the fact that every time a person has to learn something and transform it into a different format, it requires genuine understanding of the topic. Also the fact that we didn’t narrow the material very much helps to show all the different angles and styles people can take, like you and Mari.



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