Micro Lesson 4 (Eeva)

Lesson plan for 21st century Healthcare Innovations

At first maybe it would be wise to go through how the technology has changed the nature of healthcare innovations, and also in terms of innovation categories and how the trends have affected on the innovation due to their respective categories, e.g. medicine, monitoring a patient, predicting a health risk… Also not to forget activating the students, try to ask what of these aforementioned innovations are familiar to them. That takes around 15 minutes or so.

Then it would also interesting to think about the Gartner Hype Curve, and how the current innovations can be positioned to the hype cycle, or is it over all possible. And that might take some 15 minutes. http://www.businessintelligence.com.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/hypec1.png

I also think, that this type of lesson needs heaps of creativity, and how it can be quickly raised into ideas and discussion. So perhaps it could work to create e.g. idea cards of the innovation categories, types of devices and their affect on the patient, or something relevant, and randomly give the idea cards to smaller teams and they should try to innovate something out of that by combining the “factors” by themselves and present their findings. That might take easily 15 minutes.

And with relevant discussion, and also giving time for the students to introduce themselves, I guess that’s how I would imagine running the lecture.


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