VOC 10 – Pecha Kucha’s and vocational competence


For this Voc 10 – Pecha Kucha -session the aim was to think about how to describe the development of one’s competence using a portfolio. The topic itself felt bit overwhelming in the beginning, but after a while it all made sense – as we’ve been writing out thoughts and reflective posts throughout the whole autumn to our blogs, now it’s time to actually connect the dots and to think about how WE have been developed our competence and how to look back to our progress.

I guess I still feel, that my personal competence isn’t enough to do the actual teaching work yet, but when thinking back my own personal blog posting with all the varying themes and theories, possibly it’s not that far away at all. But instead of pasting my whole Pecha Kucha here with all the slides, perhaps it would work to write some of the notes and findings here.

In the beginning, there were lots of uncertainties with everyone of how the portfolio can help developing a vocational competence. Mostly my feels were about the “lines in the sand”-example, that something new that I learn, will most probably disappear after a while. But maybe having the diary might help thinking about something previously learned again in order to memorize things better. Some new technologies might be difficult to use at first, but they also have lots of potential to help developing new skills and fresh viewpoints.

After a while, when it started to get easier, writing also became faster, and maybe it was easier to actually reflect something. I feel, that writing isn’t that close to my personality, but some time later it became way easier. But with the writing and studying in general, I had some difficulties and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one from our class, but I thought that these “obstacles” are probably the best opportunities to learn something new, and also to work way out of the dead end. There will be lots of obstacles and mishaps with every teacher’s career, but in the end it’s up to how to deal with the problems by improvisation, or to embrace the change.

With the portfolio it’s also possible to assess the progress, and also to see the big picture of the learning, which happens in the background. For my personal experience, writing this type of online-diary, it also has big boost for motivation, as “someone might even read this” and perhaps because of the visibility and social aspect as well. I also thought, that with this online portfolio it is possible to think about the learning in a meta-level, so that it’s possible to learn from own learning, and also do some peer-assessment when needed (as we did few weeks ago).

But altogether, as the future is NOW, it’s is possible to use our online portfolios as time machines to look back where we were at this period of time, and also quickly check e.g. some theory of method that we might wonder upon later.

Take care!



One thought on “VOC 10 – Pecha Kucha’s and vocational competence

  1. I like the idea of having a “time machine” – to look back in time. It sometimes feels like you said, that one isn’t ready yet for actual teaching, but it doesn’t hurt to remember where you actually started and how far you have really come.

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