Assessment and evaluation – VOC Theme 9


For this week’s Tuesday’s session the themes were about assessing learning and competence, from the viewpoint of how I (as a teacher) can assess someone’s learning and competence. The session was filled with good presentations, interesting themes and a little bit of hassle + confusion and sadness.

The topics were as follows as per each of the group:
Topic 1 (Grapes) – Principles of assessment and evaluation
Topic 2 (Stars) – How does assessment promote the learning process? How do different assessment methods work?
Topic 3 (Alpha) – Self assessment and peer assessment
Topic 4 (LabRats) – Feedback or assessment? What’s the difference?

The pre-tasks for the session were pretty different when comparing with previous topics, few prezi-presentations and self-learning, but also to give feedback as well as peer review to few fellow students. I guess the session itself went alright, first part was a Kahoot – quiz done by our group, and for me it seems that the tool works better every time we are using it with these sessions. Our topic was about assessment and evaluation, and I guess classmates understood the key ideas from the given material although as I studied the topic for making some of questions for the Kahoot, some of the principles felt kind of common sense, as – of course – the assessment methods should be fair to everyone, and accessible as well. When I was searching for suitable information I stumbled upon useful a framework for assessing someone’s competence, done by the Government of Western Australia, and it also helped creating the questions for the poll as well.

Pre-task for Edustars’ session was to watch a Youtube-video about Summative and Formative Assessment, and basically how the theories differ. The video itself was quite difficult to watch, as the narration was done by an automated text-reading robot. But anyways, it was possible to pinpoint the differences and after watching the video, I was able to reply the quick poll about the differences. The session itself also was about the dichotomy of Formative and Summative Assessment methods. And also it became obvious, that different types of assessment methods should be used also for assessing the quality of teaching as well.

Topic three started with assessing a fellow group members’ input for the group work, and assessing personal input as well. For the session, I was unfortunately in wrong room – hosting the virtual session in the grapes’ room – but in the end, as I did my pre-tasks, is was possible to recap the session, which I was absent from via the recorded videos. The topic itself – peer assessment – seems to be an effective method for students to activate one another, and also the information given by fellow student has bit different approach to it, comparing with information from teacher’s viewpoint. Peer assessment has been working very well with our studies as well, although I kind of forgot how I was supposed to improve my blogging, but as other fellow student mentioned similar things about my writing, I will try to concentrate more on my own reflections and ideas.

Fourth topic was about the difference between feedback and assessment. The pre-material was really well made, and it made it easy to understand the topic. And for my understanding, assessment is the way to comprehend the elements of learning, and feedback is the tool for reflecting it towards the student. But in the end, I guess feedback is always happening in one form or another in the school environment, so the methods for giving good feedback are always good to have.

And it was the last session of our group work since June, hence it feels quite sad to begin working with other people, but I’m pretty sure it will be just fine.


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