Curricula and creating lessons – VOC Theme 8 (+ EduSci part three)


The contents of this session were: What is competence-based curriculum? (LabRats) What does ECVET mean? How does it affect vocational education? (Edugrapes) How to design and carry out teaching? (Edustars) How do you find the core content of the curriculum? How can teacher personalize the teaching content to different students? (Alpha)

The pre-task for LabRats’ session was to get familiar with the concept of competence-based curriculum. The pre-material was well conducted and the concept was also very straightforward. Our group’s pre-task was to think about doing vocational training programme abroad from a Finnish student’s viewpoint, and what should be taken care of before, during and after the mobility. The pre-task for EduStars’ session was to get acquainted with material of how to design and carry out teaching, and think about how to design a course based on a curriculum from the teacher’s viewpoint.The pre-task for Group Alpha’s session was to find information about few vocational education’s curriculum, and submit key findings from the curriculum via poll.

During the first lesson, LabRat’s used Socrative-online tool for a quick quiz about the topic. Unfortunately I was bit late of the session, and I had to start from the middle of the quiz. I think the session was filled with relevant questions in regards to the topic, and because of the pre-material being well-conducted, it helped understanding the concept and also made it easy to interact during the session. From my personal background, I’ve been fortunate to have such great tutors and teachers that I’ve been able to compensate some of my studies with my working experience and previous studies, so understanding the topic was easy, due to personal experiences.

The second lesson was about the “role play” of our group. The roles in terms of our room was that Mari played the before-mobility role, Iikka played the during-mobility role , and Elina played the after-mobility role. I thought, that the pre-material was mostly for understanding the ECVET-framework from three respective viewpoints, hence I didn’t demand using the role of Anna during the session. In addition, we had the pleasure of having Tanja also participating our session and she had first-hand experiences of doing work practice abroad, and it created good discussion during the session. The ECVET-framework was also found out to be relevant and widely used in the EU, and also the material was easy to find from Internet.

The third part of the session was about creating a syllabus, and to think about the characteristics of a good syllabus from viewpoints of a teacher, student and administrative person. The different viewpoints were thoroughly discussed upon, and it was surprising to notice that there were many overlapping things from viewpoints of teacher and a student, such as schedule and motivation, etc. But nonetheless, the session was great, informative and concise.

Fourth part of the session we had in the main room with a Halloween-theme. The pre-task for the group Alpha’s work for me was impossible to perform, because I wasn’t able to find a sports assistant’s curriculum from anywhere, and also I didn’t understand the pre-task well enough in the beginning. Maybe I was too tired, or my head was full of too much redundant work-based information, and I wasn’t able to process the task first. The session itself was fun due to the Halloween-theme, and due to the theoretical part of the session the members of Alpha group presented curriculums from different degrees and from the viewpoint of a person studying the degree. Overall fun session, but I feel that the theoretical part was bit narrow in a way, comparing to other online sessions.

This blog post also covers the EduSci-session of 3rd of November, hence the photo. As our task for the part three of the Edusci-course was to find a photo of Ideal Learning Environment, I pondered about doing different types of approaches to the task, although due to constructivistic theories people add new information “on top” of the previous information, and reflect to the information obtained from the past, I chose the photo from around 15 years ago from my old school and I’m there in the photo myself (second row and on the right side). The photo was really hard to find, but luckily I was able to find it via Web Archives. I feel that those days when I was able to study something I was good at, and very motivated, I feel that I would like to teach in same type of environment someday. Also as my school at the time (Oulaisten Instituutti) was a vocational school, I have some personal experiences studying in that level also. And I feel, that those “hands-on” studies are still something I use everyday with my day job.

So, something different this time and bit “blast from the past” as well 🙂




One thought on “Curricula and creating lessons – VOC Theme 8 (+ EduSci part three)

  1. iikkakonola

    I’ve been reading your blogs, and they are really easy to follow. Probably as we share the same first language, but mostly because of very descriptive and precise english grammar. It’s hard to put into words, but the information here is easy to digest, what i’m after here 🙂


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