Collaborative teaching – VOC Theme 7


For this session, the pre-tasks were to:

  • install a Kahoot! -application
  • read through one article and pinpoint 3 things I find important and useful from a vocational pedagogy institution perspective in terms of building collaboration and sense of community
  • get familiar with collaborative methods in teaching, and to pick one favourite method and submit it by using a poll. The results of the poll are here
  • read two relevant articles, and based on those articles come up with two points on how to guide or organise a student team and how to make it work properly


The first part of out online-session began with team Alpha’s Kahoot! -app-based exercise of our teaching in the EduLAB. I’m not 100% sure what was the overall relevance for the using that tool for that session, as the topic for the team Alpha was about group dynamics, but in total it was fun session. Maybe we find out the results of the live-poll later?

During the second part of the online-session I was in the Labrats-room, and we covered three topics, Maria from Labrats, Adbiweli from team Alpha and Elina from Edustars were in the same room than me. In addition, Outi from our Grapes-team joined our room for Labrats’-topic and Iikka from team Alpha for Edustars’-topic. First topic was “how to guide and organize a team (or study group) and how to make a team work properly”? As a pre-task we were suppossed to read two relevant articles, and based on those articles everyone had to come up with two points on how to guide or organize a student team and how to make it work properly. I wasn’t able to answer the pre-task questions on time, but I picked up openness and accountability for guiding  a student team. The actual task during the session was to formulate a team with different roles, and to do a simple classification-task with the group. I remember, that Outi played role of a group secretary, and I was the group leader, which wasn’t the easiest task to perform. The session went pretty ok, but I think that kind of exercise where you have to lead the people and give turns to each other to give their opinion about topics under discussion might be difficult to cope with when it comes as a surprise and there isn’t that many participa
nts volunteering to be the leader.

Third part of the topic was our group’s part, and we set up brief Google docs -presentation of Collaborative teaching methods with great illustrations by Anja and Anu. I guess Anja’s choice to use our study group as an example of a Learning Jigsaw was really spot on, as many people understood, that basically that is how our studying has been organised in terms of home groups and virtual sessions with our own rooms! And I kind of tried to drive the conversation in a way, that they find that out themselves, and I remember people really being surprised when finding out that “close connection” with our own studies as well. But the session went alright, we had a brief poll about the favourite collaborative teaching methods, and we discussed how those methods might be useful with teaching some imaginary topics…

Fourth part was conducted by Elina, and as a pre-task we were supposed to read as article about collaboration in organizations. During the session, we had to choose two “habits” presented in the article, and list them out for promoting collaboration in imaginary highly collaborative vocational school. I guess the session was also entertaining and for that purpose, the Padlet worked great. And also that exercise raised good discussion about the topic, and also it was a collaborative exercise itself.

So in total, the session taught me a lot about the collaborative teaching (and learning) methods. I even found out the names for some methods that I’ve had to use with my previous studies, and also finding out that we are using one of the collaborative teaching methods with our EduLAB-teaching as well makes me feel that these methods do work in real life, not just in articles. Some few years back I remember a Youtube-video of Google CEO speaking of group dynamics and management in Google, and it kind of felt that a person in such position has to really think about his office behaviour in advance and to play a certain role, depending on where he/she is trying to lead the group, or maybe getting more things done. So, is it so, that good leaders have to possess somewhat good acting skills in order to successfully manage people?


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