Pre-task for VOC Theme 3 – Legal information for teachers

For this pre-task I thought that it might be wise to try search for the up-to-date legal information just by using basic internet search. This legal information I found was mostly in Finnish, but something was also found in English as well. By using Finnish search words “opetus” and “laki”, the search resulted in number of search results, and most relevant links were:

Perusopetuslaki in Finlex -law database

Curricula and qualifications by Finnish National Board of Education

Ministry of education and culture law and regulation about vocational education.

It seems also that many of the laws and legislations are linked to Finlex -database, for example Finnish National Board of Education’s law links, so for my understanding that is the most up-to-date source for legal information for teachers. Also by searching these electronic sources, I came across our school’s Finnish page about that precise topic, so here it is as well:

Legislation and links for vocational teaching by OAMK (in Finnish)

There also seems to a book about that topic as well, called Opettajan Lakiopas (in Finnish), which I also found using these keywords, and that looks to be also good source for legal information with more practical examples.


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