PSP – Personal Study Plan

Personally, I think that most important factor for my teacher studies lies in my working history as well as in my previous studies. When I was working (as an IT-administrator) and studying simultaneously, I felt that it made it so much easier for me to study as an adult student due to my working history. Hence, I felt that it would be great for my career if I could somehow harness it more efficiently, and to utilize some of my personal findings into teaching. Also, I felt that I might have gained some communication and technological skills, which can be beneficial for working as a teacher in future.

I terms of teaching and lecturing, I find some new teaching methodologies and technologies motivating, such as multimedia, Internet phenomena, and social media. Also the differences in terms of teaching, between University and University of Applied Sciences, I found quite interesting. I attended to some courses on my past studies, which felt totally redundant and obsolete in the beginning, until some teachers’ teaching methodology flipped my prejudiced mind totally over eventually making the course totally motivating and inspiring, and that’s the effect or impression I would love people to feel on my teaching some day.

The vocational study modules of EduLab-programme comprises six sub-areas, my personal intended learning outcomes are as follows:

Pedagogical competence

On personal level: to be able to utilize the means, tools and methods for successfully carrying out teaching, in a way, that students find the methods and topics motivating or inspiring. Personally I feel, that the creation of the motivation is the key to successful teaching.

Pedagogical competence in RDI

To be able to find out the relevant, up-to-date (not outdated) theories and publications, and also tutoring students how to screen, validate, and utilize publications due to current subject matter. Perhaps in the future do some research in ICT and education, and especially with minors.

Working life competence

To develop and to maintain relations with stakeholders in the relevant business areas. Understanding the importance of co-operation between companies, organizations and educational institutions.

Working community competence

Being able to effectively work as a member of working community, and to develop good communication skills, and organizational knowledge – especially in the educational area of business.


Being able to work and to communicate with people from diverse ethnical backgrounds and study conditions. Being able to be flexible, encouraging and precise when needed.

Substance competence

Having, or studying the needed understanding for teaching the subject matter. Developing the skills needed for being able to evaluate someone’s vocational competence or knowledge.


First two days of my vocational teacher studies

My vocational teacher studies began with two-day lecture session on 1st and 2nd day of June 2015. During the first two days the lectures comprised subjects such as vocational pedagogy, pedagogical competence, and basic information about the study programme as a whole. The smaller workgroups were also formed, and the group work itself constitutes big part of our studies.